What is the status of 4525L and CnArcher?

As per title my understanding is the whole app was supposed to be rebuilt as CnArcher2.0 and a fix put in place for using the app to configure SM’s on newer firmware?

At this stage is 4525L supported in any of the apps? and if so what is the required method to configuring one using the app as of right now we haven’t been able to configure one using the app?

@Todd_Byron , Newer versions of ePMP disable SNMP by default, and since cnArcher depends on SNMP, it will not work. The new beta version with support for ePMP (including newer versions with SNMP disabled) will be available in February 2024.

@Rajesh_V is this still on track for a Feb '24 release? Is there a release note yet on what functions the new version will have?
Are there any future plans to support setting up an RV22 and on-boarding it to cnMeastro?

An update to the beta version will be available by end of February with ePMP support (including newer versions with SNMP disabled).
RV22 support is not planned because the onboarding of RV22 into cnMaestro is already straightforward without the need for an installer app. Please see the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmE15Wz8k64. RV22 supports its own subscriber app which the subscriber will use to monitor and manages it.

Thanks Rajesh. We’ve developed our workflow for installations around using the app for the CPE so it will be nice to have it working better sooner.
As for the RV22, it’s more a convenience thing since the tech is already in the app for the CPE, if they could stay in the app to set up the router it would streamline the process a little. Especially when we’re at a customer location that doesn’t have adequate cellular coverage to enter the info into cnMaestro without some kind of internet connection. I know this could be set up ahead of time but that just takes more time for the office personnel.

Do we have an update on the cnArcher beta supporting 4525L?

Any updates on cnArcher? February has come and gone and now march is almost gone too… I’ve been hearing about these updates since WISPAmerica 2023…

@Rajesh_V Bumping this again. Any updates?

Hi @tophfro this is waiting for test team to finish their tests. I am sorry this is taking longer than expected. Would you be willing to try a pre-beta build? If you are on Android, we will give you an .apk file you can install. If you are on iOS, send me the email address associated with your Apple ID and you will be added to the internal beta that you can access via TestFlight. Email me at rajesh.vijayakumar@cambiumnetworks.com.

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Thanks, I sent an email to you.