WiFi 6 Outdoor AP

May I know when will the WiFi 6 outdoor AP XV2-2T0 data sheet available for download ?

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very soon probably next month. Are there any specific specs that you are interested in? I can give you an idea of some details.

I’m assuming it is the same as the XV2-2 just with different antennas.

If that is the case, I’m specifically interested to know what the antenna gain is, and if it is slightly directional like the E510 or E700.

Thank you, Chris

here is what you should see for Azimuth and elevation:

these are composite results of all the antennas for the e700 as measured in our antenna chamber.

You mention the antenna charts are for the E700. Is that a typo (Are those actually the XC2-2T0 charts), or are you suggesting they should be the same as the E700?

Thank you, Chris

what I shared is for the e700. We have not yet released the XV2-2T0 but those are better than e700 in terms of gain and omnidirectionality.

these are not 3D patterns and they are composite of the four (5G) and two (2.4G) radiating elements. We measure the AP on a pole in our antenna chamber.

XV2-2T0 is our new outdoor wifi 6 access point which is IP67 rated, adds a BT/BLE radio, 30/48V PoE output capability of up to 30 Watts for powering secondary devices, and has a very high performance Omnidirectional antenna internally. The main Ethernet port is 2.5Gbps capable while the secondary port is 1Gbps capable.

here is the latest spec sheet for the XV2-2T0 wifi 6 outdoor AP:

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