XV2-2T0 small distance (Power 28 dbm)

In the demo video, the client antenna is working at a distance of 1000 meters. In reality, clients do not connect further than 100 meters. At the same time, the power of the client antenna is 26 dbm and Antenna Gain 5 dbi.
What is the problem?

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I would say good marketing… :wink:


The movie was created on “the desert” without any interferences with only one client.

What type of client are you using? Best performance will be achieved with clients that use the new WiFi6/802.11ax standard probably using the 2.4GHz band. Are you performing the tests at 100m LOS or?

Client 802.11ax using 2.4Ghz 100m Los.

If you can get 100m thats pretty decent, regardless of the demo video.

Whilst at 100m it may not be -65dbm, it may still work with a low level number of end users.

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100 m is good ?
I don’t think so :frowning: Not on hotspot which cost about 1000$.

Cambium what do you say about this situation? Are you really cheating when you sell this solution?

I heard rumors that the device with 120 users can hang to the maximum

I was directly involved in this testing and I can assure you it was done fairly and correctly. We went to great lengths to ensure the test was fair for all vendors and even tried many different mounting orientations on the competitor APs trying to get better range and performance from those APs. We used a couple different wireless client devices but mainly used the Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 11 OS with no alterations and we had the phone running off of battery (not plugged in). Many of today’s smartphones and mobile devices are capable of connecting well over 500 meters and in this case, can maintain the connection out to 1Km. BTW, the results in the video are for 5GHz. These test results are very repeatable and I welcome any who would like to visit Southern California to bring your favorite outdoor AP and you can see for yourself how the Cambium XV2-2T0 smokes the competition.

With all that said, would I design my outdoor network for these APs to cover 1Km? No, I would not but this test does highlight the superiority of this product over the competition and of course, your mileage will vary depending on the environment with all sorts of variables (LOS vs NLOS, density of trees and foliage in the coverage area, RF interference, etc.) to take into consideration.


I tested the XV2-2T0 in the early days side-by-side against a Cisco Aironet 1572EAC with with dual band 8dBi directional patch antenna and absolutely, in a clear LOS environment, it smoked the 1572 in 5GHz. However, when I moved my NetAlly Aircheck into the treed area, it was about equal in RSSI measurement with the 1572. Impressive though when comparing a radio with omni antenna to one with a directional antenna. I do have plans to install about 20 of the XV2-2T0s in a large marina. It will be a good fit.

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