Wireless network design

hi guys,

i am new here i want to design wireless network of my upcoming project so i need your help to do, please can some one guide me about canbium product for two floor huge geverment building to deploy full wireless network of broadband connections.

max users arround 500 please guide me.

You have not supplied enough detail.s

Are you talking about providing a wireless link from a Tower or another building to this building. If so how much throughput do you require.

Also are you providing internal WiFi access points for the client in the building? 

Or just providing internal WiFi in the building?

yes "just providing internal WiFi in the buildin" i just want to example of network design.


Proper Wi-Fi network invloves proper RF planning and wired network planning. Below are our recommendations,

RF Planning

1. Wi-FI site survey for the site / building in your case 

2. Wi-FI site survey can be done using Airmagnet Survey Pro tool 


3. Airmaget Wi-Fi site survey tool needs cnPilot E400 and E500 antennas patterns which can be downloaded from below location

E500 files


E400 files 


AP Management 

1. APs can managed either from cloud version of cnMaestro or NOC version of cnMaestro 

2. One can download NOC version of cnMaestro from below link


Download and install cnMaestro 1.2.2 and upgrade to new image cnmaestro-package_1.3.0-r7.tar.gz

3. If APs needs to be managed from cloud version of cnMaestro, the cloud cnMaestro location / url is 


4. For managing the APs from cloud one needs to have Cambium Account and cambium account can be created by visiting above link  https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com

AP Grouping in cnMaestro controller:

1. in cnMaestro AP can be maged under site

2. APs deployed in a building can be grouped under Wi-Fi site in cnMaestro or 

3. APs deployed in a floor can be grouped under Wi-Fi site in cnMaestro 

4. Multiple Wi-Fi sites can be grouped or organized under Networks 

5. Multiple networks are grouped under System 

6. Do proper channel assignement 

7. Install or deploy the APs as per Wi-FI site survey and do manual fine tunning based on the need. Manual fine tunning of power and channel assignmemnt if it needed 

Network design for communication between APs and cnMaestro 

1. Create or maintain seprate VLAN for communucation between cnMaestro and APs i.e. one VLAN dedicated for control path connection 

2. Map each SSID to seprate VLAN. Do not use single VLAN for WLAN users traffic and also for controll traffic between AP and cnMaestro

3. For bettter performance WLAN traffic shall be local break out i.e. don't tunnel the traffic to controller 

4. Use external host as default gateway 

5. Run DHCP server on external host 

6. Keep minium of 512 Kbps of bandwidth between each AP to Controller

7. If we WPA2-Enterprise is used, enable OKC and 11r configuration in WLAN 

Clients connectivity to AP

1. For better performance don't load more than 30 to 40 clients per AP 

2. For beteer connectivity clients shall AP signal strength at -65 dBm or less

3. Make use of 5 GHz frequency for better wireless performance

Please contact us if any further help is needed 

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