Xircon - console access without the console cable

A lot of times you might need console access into an access point, but that access point is mounted on the ceiling.  This tends to complicate things.  This tends to complicate things.  With Xircon, you have console access (without the console cable) into all of the Cambium Xirrus access points from a single pane of glass.  Xircon comes in both Windows and Mac versions.

Here are easy steps you take to get console access with using a console cable.

1) Download, unzip, and install the Xircon application on your computer

2) Open Xircon and the Cambium Xirrus access points will automatically show up

3) Select the access point you working on and login with your admin credentials

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Hi, Xircon for Mac is not supported in new MacBooks. Please release a 64 bit version asap.

Will Xircon ever be able to SSH to the XV series, not just discover it?

You will only be able to discover XV APs with xircon. There is no planned support for xircon to SSH to XV APs.

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