XV series : Request adding RSSI information of Wireless Clients in AP's WMI


As We are operating XV series, we find customers want to add RSSI information of Wireless Clients window in XV WMI.

Unlike XV WMI, cnMaestro on-premise & cloud are showing RSSI information of wireless clients window.

The only thing RSSI category isn’t included to Wireless Clients’s categories when we compared to cnMaestro’s wireless client window.

Another reason why customer wants to add RSSI information of Wireless Clients in window in XV WMI is SNMP information communication with 3rd party’s WNMS.

In case of other vendor’s APs, They can support RSSI information to 3rd party’s WNMS but, XV series can’t do that,now.

So, please add our requirement to XV series WMI by patching OS version or add wireless client’s RSSI information to XV series’ MIB table for support that information to 3rd party’s WNMS.

I will wait for your response.

Have a good day!

Dong-Yong Shin

Doesn’t have any your opinions about my suggestion?