XV2-2 Mesh

Does anyone know if we are any further down the road with regards to Meshing for the XV2-2.

We have been asked to do a large commercial project & we are going t need to mesh a couple of points as it is not possible to get cable to them & I really DO NOT want to sell old product into the client just so that they can have Mesh.

I cannot believe that in Jan 2022 there is still NO mesh for the XV22.

I am going to do the 6E seminar at 3AM Fri Morning Australian Summer Time and will ask the question as to what the difference between the XV2-2 WiFi 6 is & 6E ( Unless anyone here already knows the answer.

Thanks in advance

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Please check the feature support in Release 6.4

Thanks CAM_TSK.
I have taken your advide and upghraded 2 x XV2-2’s to the firmware that you suggested.
Keeping in mind that I have done this many times before with E410’s and E430’s so I’m no stranger to setting up a mesh you name it I’ve tried it with these XV2-2’s and they just will NOT connect.

I have checked and re check every setting but no joy.

Have you actually got this to work & if I would would really appreciate some more guidance incase I’m missing a step with these news WiFi Ap’s.


G’day CAM_TSK.

Yep sure are still facing issues on this I have spent some 6 hours on it keeping in mind that I have set up plenty of mesh networks before in Cambium with E410’s and E430

(1) I have upgraded the S/W to your suggested ver
(2) I have created a Mesh Wlan which I have given it’s own Vlan
(3) I have made sure that both AP’s have the same SSID,both are using the same P/W for the mesh Wlan & both are on the 5Gz band
(4) I have setup a base & a client.

You name it I have tried it & nothing works if you have any more suggestions or you have done this successfully before I’d sure appreciate some help.


Use wpa2 rather wpa3 to secure connection.

The new firmware 6.4.-r5 supports mesh in xv2-2, so I did some experiment
I have the 2 devices 410 (revA soft 4.2.2) meshed, one floor, through tru reinforced concrete slab.
A mesh set between 410 and 410 gives 585 Mbps. On the other hand, withe the xv2-2 as mesh master device in the same place gives a result of 351 Mbps (with the same settings).
The result is that 410 to 410 gives us 250 Mbps and xv2-2 to 410 gives us 150 Mbps of real transfer on the devices.

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G’day Pshemo (przemo)
So at the present moment in time I have 2 x XV2-2’s set-up 1 x as a base & 1 x as a client running The new firmware 6.4.-r5 you name the config I have tried it & the XV2-2 client just will not connect to the XV2-2 Base.

I’ve got both a 410 & a 430 here in the office I’ll try both of them as a client and see if either of them will work for me.

Is there any way that we can chat further about your settings so as to do a compare ?.



We have the same Problem with 2x XV2-2 and MESH
Both in the Cloud and the same Configuration and Groups, with 2x E410 working MESH.

The easiest solution for MESH to work on xv2-2 is to create 2 separate groups for clients and the master. In the master configuration, we only fire the SSID MESH Base. In the client configuration, we only fire the SSID MESH client. This is how it works. However, I could not run in a typical set, i.e. running 3 SSIDs with auto-detection, CLIETN + BASE + MY OWN WIFI SSID


ok Recovery was not supported by Wifi6?
with only base and Client the MESH is working.

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Recovery is supported by Wi-Fi6 APs

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In a rather lengthy back and forth with Cambium support, I found that to accomplish a wireless mesh with the XV2-2, you need to setup one unit as the base with all the other SSID’s you want, and the second unit as the client with all the other SSID’s. Once both have been sync’d, you can disable the data side of the client and it will connect.

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I will just add that the xv2-2 compiled in this way connect to 60 Mb/s, and the new e410 to 200 Mb/s.
Well xv2-2 motivated me to put on the optical fiber and connect the floors :slight_smile:

In mesh mode, there are also problems with channels in the 5 GHz band, it is terribly long connected, in a word, like WiFi6, and it works like WiFi4;)

Hi all,

I too have been trying to setup 2 x XV2-2TO’s to mesh and am not having any luck. Is this supported? I am running the latest 6.5 -r15 and have followed the guide on how to do this. I would appreciate a definitive answer. I have successfully setup a XV2-2TO to E410 but not XV2 to XV2.

G’day sklose.

So I had a very similar problem getting 2 x XV2-2 to mesh together I went to Cambium support who also initially had the same problem they devised a work around by doing the following.

(A) Changing the country to the U.S.
(B) Downgrading the Firmware to an earlier version
(C) Setting up a special Mesh WiFi between the 2 x XV2-2 units

Not sure if you are just an end user or a partner but if you let me know I’ll try & help you either way ( if you are a partner I will direct you to the Cambium Partner support person who help’ed me )

Wayne Pryor
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On xv2-2 on earlier version MESH dosen’t work.

Hi Wayne,

We are most definitely a partner and are very familiar and experienced with cambium and other wireless vendors technology.

We are also trying to utilise the cloud based cnMaestro to mange these as well.


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Hello Sir,
Can we configure 2 Mesh Base AP (XV2-23T) on the most left wall and on the most right wall with Mesh Base Recovery?
So, once Mesh Clients are disconnected from Mesh Base#1 (WLAN#1), they will connect to WLAN#2 from Mesh Base#2.
Thank you in advance sir,

U dont need mesh to do it. Mesh is dedicated to connect hotspot without ethernet. It is not affecting client.

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Thank you very much for your kind support and advice :pray: