XV2-2 Meshing

We have an issue with meshing and I hope someone else will have a solution. Support says we need to wait for 6.4. We are running version 6.2.2-r4.

We just replaced all are old APs with XV2-2, thinking that meshing was supported because during a meeting with Cambium sales said that the XV2-2 did support meshing. Well it turns out that after doing all the installs that the XV2-2 does not support meshing.

There is a setting in access point that enables Meshing, but support say it does not work. We need meshing anyone else have a solution?

Cambium will answer to this, but I think you have to deal with your vendor or maybe Cambium has a (non public) beta ready that you can use

Cambium so far has only said a future release it will be supported. But I did notice that there is a setting in the access point. But Cambium also said this will be removed in the next release.

Hi Michael

We are in precisley the same boat here in Ausrtrealia and are staring down the barrel of selling old stock ( E410 ) into a corporate client just so that we can gey mesh.

How did you go did you get get a resolution to your Mesh problem.

I have also posted another question up on the ofrums about this problem but hoping that you can shed some light onto it for me.

Wayne Pryor.


Mesh is supported in release 6.4

To save duplication, I’m going to close this topic. @Waykat_Services’s other thread is here, if anyone wants to reply: