4600L no AP mode

new 4600L is come here but ap mode is not enabled and is like a CPE. this is screenshot

This sounds similar to the issue reported here:

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The 4600L where we are reporting the problem is the one that Cambium has sent to us as RMA to replace a 4600C labeled as “4600L”.
Is it possible that also hardware sent directly from CAmbium is wrong?

Oh, sorry, I missed your previous thread:

I’m very sorry about that. All I can suggest is that you mention this problem on your existing ticket, and perhaps we will be able to send you another replacement.

Hi @ik8jsv,

please PM me the ticket number! I or my mate will help you to sort it asap!
I saw this glitch before. It can be fixed with defaulting and upgrade/downgrade.

This was ticket #371555 and I believe it was resolved yesterday by the process you mentioned.

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Holy Canole! I tried to get the software updates for 4600Ls that were
4600Cs. Had to get all new 4600Ls…

Still say Cambium should bite the bullet and allow the 4600Cs and 4625s
to be PTP or PTMP, APs or SMs. It will not kill you!



THIS. and 4500C’s and 4525’s too of course.
Just like they always were from the very first ePMP. :angry:

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