Ability to schedule software updates

Is there any chance that scheduling software updates will be possible in a near-future version of cnMaestro?  Even if only available for SM units, this would be a huge improvement.  This is one of the most critically lacking features for me.

cnMaestro makes batch software upgrades pretty simple already, but if I have to get out of bed at 4AM to push the button it doesn't happen.


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I agree  this addition would be a great help

Please post this on the cnMaestro ideas section and we will surely take into consideration.

Added to ideas section

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Its been added before and it is under consideration.  But seeing as how cnut already had it I'm sure this will have it as time goes by.  They just need to get snappy on that feature :) because its one of the more important ones.  Updating and rebooting customer radios during the day is bad and I certainly don't want to stay up til 2am to run it manually :)

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Yes.  The older I get, the longer the day after an all-night updating session seems to be. :)

Even if when we create a Software Job - if the option that says 'start immediately' if there was an option to 'start in X hours' there, that'd be basically all we need.  Of course it'd be great to have a full scheduler, but even just telling it to 'start in _14_ hours' would be helpful.

Almost a year later - Any word?

On a roadmap somewhere or not even a twinkle?

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Almost a year later and still one of the most critically missing features of cnMaestro in my opinion.

It would be great to know if this is planned as a roadmap item or if Cambium doesn't plan on developing it.

Yes this is planned and will post with the details soon.
Approximately by Q1 next year we should roll out the feature, will confirm again.

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Still on schedule for Q1?

We have released cnMaesto On-Premises 2.1.0 today which includes scheduled software udpate support.

Please check the release notes https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/cnmaestro/ 

The community announcement link is http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnMaestro/cnMaestro-2-1-0-On-Premises/m-p/98194


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