Any chance of 6GHz PMP450?

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Additional to my question above about whether Cambium would consider a hardware revision for 3900-3980, I’m curious about Cambium’s ability to operate in the 6Ghz Band with the 5Ghz 450m(or an alternative) for Point to Multipoint purposes.

For background:
ISED Consultation

Item 93 in the 3800 consultation;
“In addition, ISED had been monitoring the U.S. process for the 5925-7125 MHz (6 GHz) band. In the Spectrum Outlook, ISED classified this band as a Priority 3 with a plan to monitor international activities, given that discussions in the U.S. had just begun at the time of its publication. However, ISED now considers the 6 GHz band as Priority 1 based on the developments taking place internationally, and will be developing a consultation on making this spectrum available in Canada.”

So naturally, I was curious if Cambium has a radio available that could utilize that spectrum? My guess would be the 5Ghz 450m. The spec sheet says up to 5925, but I’m sure it can go higher with software… but high enough is the question.
@CambiumMatt, are you able to comment on that? Any insight would be helpful for us Canadian’s in limbo right now, wondering about what our future spectrum might look like… and just what the heck we can do with it?

Thanks for the questions Neil…

With respect to 3 GHz, as noted above, there needs to be new hardware to support anything above 3.900 GHz. We are not yet working on anything, but there is potential for this in the future.

With respect to 6 GHz (5.925-7.125 GHz), we are working toward a new product (new hardware) that is capable of supporting this. The ePMP series product is based on 802.11 chipsets, and the 802.11ax chipset (also known as WiFi6e) will be capable of this band per the standard.

For 450, this is new development, but between the US market and other markets opening up globally, we believe we will be pursuing a new 450-based product for the 6 GHz band as well. We are really excited about this, as this will certainly be a big leap for the platform in both new spectrum and radio performance.

The current hardware will only support up to 5.925 GHz.


For a bit of additional color, the US market for 6 GHz will require AFQ (Automated Frequency Coordination) to protect encumbents (license holders). This makes things a bit more complex, and we estimate the band to be ready toward the end of next year (2021), or early in 2022.

This is around the same timeline we expect to have both ePMP 4000 and the “next gen” 450 available.


As a follow-up @CambiumMatt, ISED has posted a consultaion on the 6Ghz Band. Perhaps you are already aware of this, but if not I suppose it would be of Cambium’s interest.

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Yes, I have seen that last week, and we are running that down to understand the differences between this and what the FCC is proposing… at first glance, they are quite similar.

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More information from ISED…
The 6 GHz decision has been released. There is an Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) ocmponent but the relevant standards and procedures still need to be developed. The ISED Decision indicates that they will adopt an AFC that is “harmonized with the U.S. to the maximum extent possible”

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Is there a tentative roadmap for the new 6.0 to 6.4 or up to 6.7Ghz 450 series?

We are being ask for 6GHz solutions now, using 6GHz STA.

Hello EC,

There is a pretty solid roadmap; I’m not sure what is under NDA or not on the new PMP 450v range, however, it’s coming soon. It should operate in the 5.15 GHz to 7.125 GHz in a single SKU, and be backwards compatible with existing 450 products.

You should be able to reach out to for more information.


Final specifications have been posted for 6GHz in Canada.

Can’t wait for this to open up a bit more, and maybe make some changes to outdoor power limits, as well as which AFC’s will be running.

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Is there a timeline for the release of these APs, more to the point, when someone like me could purchase one or two through my distributor? I would assume that they could be available ahead of this AFC…

This would beg the question of whether these devices could be implemented in the current 5GHz bands until such time that the 6GHz band is available for use?

We are targeting launch of the 450v 4x4 AP and 4x4 SM in August for the US. This is pending AFC being commercially ready (but this is the timeline that we expect).

While it’s expected that Canada will follow largely similar rules and also utilize an AFC system, we don’t yet know when ISED will have the rules complete or able to certify against…

Thanks for this information @CambiumMatt .
Is the Medusa-style massive mu-mimo AP in the pipeline for 2024-25?

Yep! We’re calling this Next Generation cnMedusa product the 450mv, and it’s targeted for Q3, 2024.

There will be more information released on this product throughout the year.


Digging up this old thread. @CambiumMatt do you know if the EOL for the 450m line will be established soon after the 450mv’s are available, or will the 450m’s still be made for a while?

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