Cambium E500 Access point

Dear Sir

I have an E500 Cambium Access point

How to connect with an netwok or how to assign IP to these Access point

Whenever i assign default IP to these access point ( it cant communicate or assign IP

Please assist me.

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Hello, at a minimum you will need to configure network information in the form of IP, subnet mask and gateway.  If you aren't using VLAN's, then all of those parameters would exist on VLAN 1.  When you add a new L3 interface, enter in VLAN 1, then supply the IP information.  Now, when you try to access the AP, you will need to be on the same subnet as the AP (for ease, set the IP address of your computer 1 higher than the AP).  For example, if the AP is configured for,,, set your IP to be, mask of

This link will get you the basic setup (steps 5 and 6):

With these links helping with the optimal base configuration and DHCP.

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