CBRS MAC address mismatch

I keep getting the following error: " Failed: The provided parent mac is mismatching with existing parent mac value"

I have double and triple checked the MAC and serial #s and all has been typed in correctly. I am trying to add a 450 integrated with firmware 16.2.2.

I posted this under PMP so I apologize for double posting as I found this forum after the first post. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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In my experience, this occurs when the SM is already existing in Maestro under a different AP. Easiest way around it is to search the MAC in CBRS tool and delete it from there, then search again under Maestro Inventory and the onboarding queue and remove it from there also. You should be able to re-add the SM at that point.

I had a similar post awhile back:

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For the benefit of other people who come across this thread in the future, this problem was solved here: