Conect radios mikrotik and ubiquit

Good morning, someone in the group could help with your experience in the following case, I use epmp 2000, and I already have a mixed network with mikrotik and ubiquit radios, the radios connect more do not navigate, anyone already solved? Use configured on stardand wifi

The ubnt radios can be elivated and work with the TDD mode. You’ll need to purchase an elivate license for each radio you wish to connect to the epmp2000 in TDD mode. The Cambium TDD is a completely customer wireless MAC interface and wifi devices cannot connect to it. When the epmp2000 is in wifi mode it will allow them to, but you’ll loose the TDD benefits doing that. Have a look at the elivate section and read up on it. The tik hardware isn’t compatible yet.

Welcome to Cambium! It’s a wonderful product line.

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Please make sure you have WDS enabled in the UBNT/Mikrotik SMs connecting to the ePMP AP. We only recommend WiFi mode for migration purposes, since this mode has many limitations when in use outdoors and at relatively long distances.