Default password to log into r200-p

What is the Default password to log into r200-p? There is no info anywhere on the unit or the box or in any userguide. As of now we have to hardwire in and change the password. 

Also, if we saved a Config file to our computer and loaded that into the router everytime, would that just change settings or would that change everything including say serial numbers, info specific to that individual router, etc.

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The default login for the R200P for the  administrator mode is admin (User Name) admin (Password).


Sanjay Kumar.

Sorry, I was asking where to find the wifi password thats defaulted into the routers. Normally, the default wifi name and password is on the box or on a sticker on the router.

Hello Netops,

By default the radio is turned off, you will need to log into the router and set the ssid and security on your own. You can also make a config file and push it to router through cnmaestro to speed things up if doing multiple. 


See the ones we have been buying right out of the box (hutton) have the radio turned on, an active ssid and password exist. 

The WPA2 password for the out of the box SSID (CAMBIUM_2.4GHz...) is "12345678"

WOW, now i feel stupid...Tha nks though, the mystery is solved!

what username and passwords do i use if the admin/admin do not work

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@AREJAY wrote:

what username and passwords do i use if the admin/admin do not work

try connecting wirelessly to it in case the SSID and passphrase are still default. Details here:

or, if your AP is onboarded into cnMaestro you can configure/reconfigure through cnMaestro (& reset the password to something known). If it is not been onboarded until now, you could still do it into your account by using the serial number printed on the unit (assuming cnMaestro onboarding is still enabled in its config).

Lastly you can factory-default it (using the reset pin). Config would be lost, but the device will again be reachable using admin/admin

Al recetiar la cajilla me sale ahora que el nombre del wifi es CAMBIUM… y no me sirve la contraseña que vino en dicho aparato

After factory reset If non-default SSID is reset to default  CAMBIUM_2.4GHz_XXXXXX then you should able to login device using admin/admin.

Are you able login to the device using SSH from LAN side PC (Username: admin and Password: admin)?

Is this device onboard to cnMaestro?   if yes, you can view configuration of the device using cnMaestro.




yes i wil a passwoord to connect with the cambium r200-p