Resetting R200/R201 to factory default (Hard Reset)

Resetting R200/R201 to factory default   

We can factory reset the R200/R201 using the Web UI or hard reset method. If Web UI is not accessible because a user is not able to recall the username and password or in case when IP is lost or user forgot the IP then we can use following steps to reset the device to factory default.

Steps to perform hard reset

  • To hard reset the device first power on the device and wait for around 120 seconds for device to boot up properly.
  • Please locate the ‘RST’ option hole present in the front panel or R200 and Back panel of R201 as shown below.

Hard reset option ‘RST’ in R200



Hard reset option ‘RST’ in R201

  • While device is powered on and booted up, please insert a pin in the ‘RST’ hole and gently press for 10-15 seconds and remove the pin. While pressing with a pin we can feel that a reset button is pushed inside while applying gentle pressure.
  • After removing the pin wait for 25 – 30 seconds and observe LED’s, we will noticed that all LED’s will blink together and device will reboot now.


  All LED's Blinking during Reset Process


  • Wait for device to boot up and connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of device and connect device to any host PC. Observe that LAN LED is glowing as green now. Host PC will get IP address in range 192.168.11.xx from the DHCP server of the cnPilot device.
  • From host PC ping to, ping should succeed.
  • Open your web browser and access the Web UI of the device by typing in web browser. You can now login to the device using the default username and password as admin/admin.
  • After factory reset we can observe that old configuration is removed and now device has the factory default configuration. Please note that factory reset will not change anything related to the firmware version or loader version.