Device configuration backup on CNMaestro

We still have some UBNT gear on our network and use AirControl for that as well. If we have a radio die I am able to download the configuration from the controller and upload it to a new radio even in the event of total radio failure. This would be a nice feature in Maestro for at least ePMP radios.

You can download device configurations by going to the configuration tab of a device and then downloading the configs by clicking on view device config and then click download. This doesn't work if the device is already offline, though so you'll have to be proactive about it. Alternatively, you can create golden config templates for your devices so that configuring a new device requires minimal configuration even if you don't have a specific config for a new/replcaement device. 

There is a similar request that is under consideration...

Yes, it's possible to download configurations but if I want to do a bunch of devices (maybe to make sure our backup cfg files are up-to-date after a system-wide software upgrade for example) it is a pain to repeat the process for every device. I'm sure this could be automated in cnMaestro.