ePMP Software Release 4.8 is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP 11n and ePMP 11ac families
  • Elevate XM and XW

Download the firmware and documentation from:


No new features have been added in Release 4.8. The next section provides the description of several important bug fixes.

Problems corrected

Tracking ID Products Description
ACG-14666 All The log was flooded with Log shows kernel process_crash… get_crash_data fail : -1 messages.
ACG-15076 All The devices may crash occasionally if DPI was enabled.
ACG-15134 Force 300-13/25L Force 300-13/25L were getting disconnected from AP with the INA RETRIES EXHAUSTED disconnect reason.
ACG-15149 Force 300-13/25L The Wi-Fi client did not receive ARP responses after roaming to Force 300L, that was connected Wi-Fi AP.
ACG-15171 All The AP’s log was flooded with mgtcomd: Incorrect destination address messages.
ACG-15178 All General stability improvements.
ACG-15213 Force 300 STP Root bridge selection did not work on Force 300.
CAMBIUM-17952 All The SMs can be accessed through a wireless IP address when the Separate Wireless Management Interface option was enabled.
ACG-15276 CAMBIUM-19654 All Security improvements: chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com was moved to deprecated algorithms.


  • If upgrading ePMP 1000, ePMP 2000, Force 180/F200, F130 and Elevate radios from 4.7 or firmware, execute reboot before starting the firmware upgrade job.
  • The latest versions of cnMaestro executes the reboot automatically and it is fixed in 4.7.1 and 4.8
    firmware versions.

Please post up on cnMaestro cloud plz!

@Andrii_Telehin any ETA on when this will be in cnMaestro?

@Anish could you please help

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We have started receiving more calls reporting connectivity issues since upgrading our firmware. As a result, we have decided to roll it back across the entire network. Most problems reported involve clients below the CPE having no internet access even though the CPE itself is connected. The only way to resolve it was to reboot the CPE, and i was becoming too much.

Hi @arcsak,

by any chance, do you have techsupport file from SM if it was reachable during the issue?
Or PM me, please, techsupport file just to see your configuration!

We’ve updated all of our e1k/e3k radios to 4.8 and haven’t experienced any issues or customer calls. We’re using a static IP and NAT on the SM’s. What sort of settings are you using on your SM’s?

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Is this the latest for the Force 180?
Can I go from 4.61 directly?

Hi, @Shaun_Dee
Yes, 4.8 is the latest stable firmware for ePMP AC and N devices. You may use it to upgrade directly from 4.6.1 version.