How do I enable PTP 820 in-band management?

1.Management traffic must have a VLAN.

2.To manage the near end of the link, add a Service Point to the MNG service—connect the common Ethernet port to the MNG Service—use the management traffic’s VLAN ID!

3.To manage the far end of the link, add a Service Point to the MNG service—connect the radio port to the MNG Service—use the management traffic’s VLAN ID!


sorry but it is not working . I make this configuration and tried to login through PoE Ethernet port but it is failed

It's time for you to contact Customer Support!

Many of our customers require in-band management; our excellent customer support guys can help you with this.


For PTP820C operating in 2+0 with two separate runs it's still possible to have in-band management. Add both Ethernet ports as service points to the MNG service. With LAG hashing management to either ETH 1 or ETH 2 there is no risk of a loop and having both ETH ports assigned as service points eliniates the risk that the switch/router that both runs connect to will hash the MNG traffic to the wrong ETH port.  

Hello: We have a 4 jump link (1+0)  and we have the same problem.

Can you explain if there is a realation to Licenses on each the radios.

If the radios are on Demo Mode, can we install the Licenses remote.?

The Radio links are installed and the RRSl levels are the expect to calculation.

Due to Covid19 we where unable to go back to the sites.

Hi dftalbot,

In-band management is not related to licenses. With or without demo mode you will be able to operate with in-band management if you set it up appropriately. You can either configure this through the quick config wizard or manually by addint service points to the management service in Ethernet->Services. Just add in the ethernet port (and radio port if you want remote management) as a service point. If you're already left the locations and don't have in-band working would it be safe to assume you have out-of-band management? If that's the case be careful attempting to configure in-band management because while the out of band connection is present you will get a loop.

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Thank you for answering:

The radio links are installed but they are not in operation yet.

Established this fact, can we access the each radio through management and install licenses in the case that we might have to re-install or because we made some mistakes.

So as not to travel to the location of the radio in question.

We have tried to install license remotely on one of the jumps, but we were unable.

We know that we didn´t have enought time to fine tune the Links, so we are now making pertinent questions.

Is there a relation between License  date issued and Harware  date issued/Manufactured . Concerning Trafic and Modulation.

Can some licences work and not work depending on Hardware.

All our equipment and licenses were bought at the same time, could there be issues with this. November 2019.

(This I ask because of experience with other vendors)

We had the intention to enroll on real lab courses, but due to Covid, we  have to rely on the webinars. ( Very helpfull the course on PTP 820: Learning Through Field Experience)

Is there a Webinar on Managment and License specifically?

The licenses and hardware are time independent. It doesn't matter when they were purchased; they should be compatible with each other. You can go to our licensing portal in the support site here  in order to activate your key(s) and pair the key(s) with the desired PTP820 device by MSN. 

We don't have any webinars on management and licensing specifically, but it is covered in our certification courses. 

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