How is the Wireless Option work in ePMP1000

Hi All Support team 

in the new verison of ePMP1000 2.3.3 there is option for wireless Access like WI-Fi , can you Explain how to use it and what is the benfits.



Please refer to this thread for more information on the ePMP Wifi mode of operation: I have attached an explanation of the feature in the second post of the thread above. 

Also, please see Eric's case study about how he used this feature to his benefit here:



Thanks , My Question is if I use the ePMP1000 as WI-FI Mode and connect to my access point to get internet access , that mean the Radio SM with the WI-FI Mode is still can connect to the AP and pass the Internet to AP ?

I mean I Can share it with the AP ....?

by other word the SM will work with dual mode  WI-FI and SM in the same time ?


Uhhhh... your question is very confusing and your sentence structure is not clear.

When the radio is configured to be an SM, it can only work in one mode... either WiFi client mode, or TDMA mode. There is no WiFi mode available when the radio is set to an AP.

Then what is the  technical benfits for Wi-Fi Mode then ? That i need to know only 

Hi TripleNetwork, 

Wifi mode in ePMP is supported only on the subscriber module (SM). When the SM is in Wifi mode, it can connect to an Access Point (even a non-Cambium Access Point) that is operating in Standard Wifi mode. It is a feature you can use to migrate from existing deployments to ePMP.  

You cannot use Wifi mode on ePMP to connect Wifi clients to it. i.e it does not operate as a Wifi Access point. That is something a few customers have requested in our Ideas section: Take a moment to kudo the idea if you'd like to see it developed by Cambium. We're always listening to customers and changing our roadmap based on demand. 

Please let me know if you need further clarification.



Thanks Sriram for your great answer , its make since now...