Maestro notification that epmp 3000 and epmp 3000L GPS firmware out of date

Hi all, I have put in a ticket with support but was curious if anyone has experienced a similar occurrence of Maestro notification saying “GPS Firmware is out of date”? Logged into said units and all firmware is showing up to date. Using Cloud version of Maestro. Any and all feedback s greatly appreciated.

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I have a few that say that too. I also have cloud version. Firmware is 4.5.6 and 4.6.1

Same issue

We have that one one of our ePMP1000 2.4Ghz AP’s – cnMaestro tells us there is an out of date GPS Firmware, but we upgrade the radio (now at 4.6.1) and the warning persists.

What GPS firmware version are your devices running? This can be viewed in the device’s Details tab in cnMaestro.


It says AXN_5.1._8513

Software Update

  • Active Software Version 4.6.1
  • Inactive Software Version 4.6.1
  • GPS Firmware Version AXN_5.1._8513

OH - and I notice now that cnMaestro is (just since 15 hours ago) is now also saying that two of our 5Ghz AP’s - one 3000 and one 3000L are also now out of date. They are also running 4.6.1, and also say they have AXN_5.1.1.8513

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In my case it is *
GPS Firmware Version


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Thank you @ninedd and @PFR for the GPS version details. I’ll open a ticket to get this resolved. The minimum version validation needs to be updated.

@ninedd is your GPS version AXN_5.1._8513 or AXN_5.1.1.8513? Just checking if it’s a mistype.

Edit: nevermind, we have verified locally.

OK, thank you. Just to add - the AP itself argues with cnMaestro, and says it’s up to date (although other AP’s seem to have a newer GPS firmware)

Thanks for the confirmation @ninedd. I have directly sent you a message. Please check it.

Hi Jordan this is what I am running on the devices that maestro is alerting to GPS firmware out of date.


I have 12 devices, 10 epmp3000 and 2 epmp 3000L, that maestro is reporting the issue. This is my ticket #276213


Hi @DigitalMan2020,

We are in the process of testing a fix that will be rolled out in 3.0.4.

Hi - I know you said that you already verified this – but just to fill in the blanks for others.
So, I have 3 AP doing this (cnMaestro telling me the GPS is out of date) and those three AP’s are

  • ePMP1000 @ 2.4 Ghz
  • ePMP3000L
  • ePMP3000

So, the ePMP1000 @ 2.4Ghz reports it’s GPS Firmware as Version AXN_5.1._8513, while the 3000 and 3000L report their firmware as Version AXN_5.1.1_8513

I’m guessing the ePMP1000 is maybe simply truncating the text maybe? Don’t know – but the rest of the same gear (all my other ePMP1000 AP’s and the rest of my 3000 and 3000L) don’t trigger cnMaestro errors. This is also probably just cosmetic I’m guessing.


I am having the same issue with 4.6.1 on epmp 3000 AP

This will be fixed with a patch update to the 3.0.4 cloud servers and in the official 3.0.4 On-Premises release.

After the update devices will automatically clear the active alarm upon re-connection to cnMaestro.

@Jordan FWIW I’m also seeing these Alerts for a few of my ePMP 3k units in cloud cnM. All units are running 4.6.1 and GPS is at AXN_5.1.1.8513
The first alert showed up about 5 days ago.

As the patch update is rolled out in cloud you should begin to see these Alarms start to clear once the device reporting them disconnects/reconnects to cnMaestro.

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Can I assume everyone is still having an issue with this? I’m currently in the process of updating our entire network to 4.6.1 and I am still seeing these alarms…

@Tony_L, you should not be seeing these alarms after upgrading to 4.6.1 in cloud. Are you running on-premises? If so, which version? cnMaestro version 3.0.4 or later is required to properly evaluate the device GPS FW version for 4.6.1.