Hi experts,

I have a PMP 450m in transparent mode and I want to configure a only a Management VLAN for SMs.

I have several questions:

In AP:

1. Is it enough to enable de VLAN feature and configure the Management VID? Any other feature?

In SM:

1.  What should configure in Default por VID? Any number different than Management VID?

With this configuration, will the data go in transparent mode?
When the SM will be connected to the AP will be SM reach by by LAN? I mean, will  the field technician access to it by default IP address?



Hello L Calderon-

     You mentioned you only wanted to configure management vlan for the SM's.  The only thing you have to do is enable vlans on the AP.  By default the management vlan will be 1 (untagged).  If you wish to add the AP access to the management vlan just enter the vlan ID to the management VID

      Once VLAN is enabled on the AP, then you can set the management VID on the SM. 

     For the default port VID, if dynamic learning is enabled at the AP or the vlans are configured statically, the LAN port will pass all the upstream traffic with the vlan tagging as it is received and will do the same for all traffic downstream.  The exception is if the default port VID.  When the VID is to anything other than 1,  untagged upstream data will be tagged with the default port VID and any downstream packets tagged with the default port VID the SM will remove the vlan tag and pass the packets out the LAN untagged.

     If you have the Default alternative LAN1 IP address enable on the SM and the default port VID is set to a VID other than 1, the SM will still be accessible at the IP of


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Here is some additional information regarding VLAN configuration on the PMP450 series.

Hi Dave,

I configured it in a lab and it worked!. Thank toy very much for the explanation.

Thanks Chris for the documentation!