Paid Wi-Fi and Free Wi-Fi with Spash Page - Guidelines for cnPilot?

Is there any guidance relating to how Cambium suggests configuring paid WiFi or free WiFi w/ splash page on the cnPilot enterprise equipment?

Specifically, any videos on this forum, recorded webinars, training on “Cambium Networks Learning”, or elsewhere?

I’d like to see best practices before pushing into it.

Thank you, Chris

Bump… any ideas Cambium?

Hi Uberdome

  1. For Free / social login, kindly follow the below instruction
    Guest Access using Social Login - Google - Twitter - Facebook -Office 365

  2. For IPPay payment gateway kindly follow the below instruction.
    Intergration Steps Of IPpay Payment Gateways

Raja M

any other options rather than ip pay?
Paypal, Square, ect?

Below is what it shows in the interface. I have been testing with PayPal since everything else was listed as “Beta” and I couldn’t find a recent IPpay set of instructions.


I wish they would get these off beta already!

For IPPay, please let me know if these guidelines were helpful or not: