PMP support in cnMaestro cloud is available now

With cnMaestro cloud update to v1.3.0 last week, PMP 450 support is officially available for cloud. Please see for more details about the release. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta.

If you don't yet have a cnMaestro cloud account, sign up at

To start managing PMP radios using cnMaestro, please follow the on-boarding instructions at Minimum version required on radio is 15.0.1 (15.0.2 if you have PMP 450m)

Once you on-board an AP, the connected SMs automatically show up in the cnMaestro on-boarding queue where you can approve them. No need to on-board SMs one by one.

Please rememeber to configure a valid DNS server on the AP and SM, as it needs to be able to resolve to connect to cnMaestro cloud.

The SM must have it "Configuration |IP | Network Accessibility" option set to "Public" for it to connect to cnMaestro. This is automatically done for you when SM connects using ICC, to allow a brand new SM to show up in cnMaestro as soon as it connects to an AP that is also managed by cnMaestro. 

Once you have more than 1000 radios being managed by cnMaestro, post your screen shot to and get free Cambium t-shirt.

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