Recovery of flash corrupted ePMP Force 300-13L/Force 300-25L caused due to power interruption during a software upgrade

Problem Statement:

ePMP Force 300-13L/Force 300-25L have a single flash bank. There is a high probability that the flash bank can get corrupted when power to the radio is interrupted during a flash write, i.e. software upgrade. This is not an issue with the Sync radio since there are two flash banks in them – one active and the other inactive. The inactive bank will take over if the active bank is corrupted.


It is possible to recover an ePMP radio’s corrupted flash.

To perform the recovery procedure, the following is needed:

  1. ePMP Force 300-13L/Force 300-25L with corrupted flash, i.e. there was a power interruption during a software upgrade and the device is no longer accessible or boots up.
  2. Laptop or PC with a 3rd party TFTP server (ex: Free TFTP server for Windows )

Recovery Procedure:

  1. Connect the PC/Laptop to the ePMP radio.
  2. The PC/Laptop must be deployed in the same network as the ePMP device.
  3. TFTP Server IP address must be set to
  4. Get the ePMP Force 300-13L/Force 300-25L recovery image from Cambium Support Center (openwrt-ar71xx-generic-uImage-initramfs-lzma.bin).
  5. Reboot the ePMP device.
  6. After successful boot-up, the ePMP radio will perform the recovery procedure. The procedure will take approximately 5 minutes. Once done, Force 300-13L/300-25L will reboot automatically.
  7. After boot-up, the radio will be accessible using default local IP of or the fallback IP of
  8. IMPORTANT: Software Upgrade through the GUI must be performed one more time for successful recovery in order to reflash broken image.

NOTE: This recovery procedure will work in cases where the u-boot of the radio is intact. In rare cases where the u-boot may also be corrupted, recovery is not possible.

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This file is not visible for download.

You have to request it via support center
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