Sync configuration of two PTP450i BHM co-located


I need to configure the sync of two co-located BHMs. I have been reading that it is possible to do so by wiring the auxiliary ports, but for that option is needed a BHM and a BHS. Can someone explain to me if it is possible to synchronize two co-located BHMs and how to configure it without using a CMM?


I would recommend using a cnPulse device to provide sync to both BHM's.  The cnPulse replaces a uGPS module and can provide sync to up to 2 devices.

Alternatively, you can connect the two AUX ports together and reconfigure the radios to: 1) send the sync pulse through the AUX port 2) look for the sync pulse from the AUX port.  This requires a specific pin out, detailed in this post (or user guide/attached).  However, you wouldn't need to split the cable since you are simply passing sync and not power.

Radio #1 must be running off a PoE power source leaving the Aux port free, and have the following settings configured:

General > Config > Sync Source > Generate Sync

General > Config > Sync Output > Aux Port: Enabled

Radio #2 must have the following settings configured:

 General > Config > Sync Source > AutoSync or AutoSync + Free Run

General > Config > AP Type: Remote AP (not strictly required, but recommended)