UGPS installation and operation Guidelines

The uGPS is no longer shipping as of December 2018.  It has been replaced with cnPulse.  Refer to the cnPulse knowledge base for more information.

Observe the following guidelines when installing a UGPS module:

  • The unit may be pole mounted or surface mounted (on a horizontal surface with an unobstructed view of the sky).
  • The UGPS should NOT be installed as the highest object at the site.
  • Orient the GPS antenna so that it has clear access to the southern horizon (if installed north of the equator) or clear access to the northern horizon (if installed south of the equator).
  • Note locations of 600SS surge suppressors when installing the UGPS unit. Reference UGPS Power Source Configurations   Compatible power supplies for the UGPS are listed in Table 34.
  • Observe cable length specifications in Table 35.
  • Cambium Networks recommends using shielded Category 5E cables for outdoor installations.
  • The UGPS Power over Ethernet pinout (External Power Port) differs from IEEE Standard 803.3af, and the two should not be intermixed. The UGPS Power over Ethernet pinout is the same as Cambium Networks FSK broadband radios.

Table 34  Compatible 30V Power Supplies and Cords




Gigabit Ethernet-Capable Power Supply


Cable, UL PSU Cord Set, US


Cable, UL PSU Cord Set, EU


Cable, UL PSU Cord Set, UK


Cable, UL PSU Cord Set, Brazil

Table 35  Cable Length Specification


Powering Method

Maximum Cable Length (feet)

External power source, up to two access points/backhaul masters

30V DC AC/DC Adapter (see Table 34) via UGPS Ext. Power Port


Access point/backhaul master power source, up to two access points/backhaul masters.

Note: This UGPS powering mode is supported only by PMP 450 Platform AP and PTP 230 BHM .  Future Cambium Networks hardware releases will also support providing power to the UGPS.

Access Point/Backhaul master RJ-11 GPS power via UGPS Timing Port


Note: When using the UGPS as a synchronization source for a CMM3 or CMM4, a special sync cable must be used.  This cable may be constructed from the an RJ-11 cable using the pin configuration below.

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