Updated ePMP 3000 Antenna Options

Any aftermarket sector antenna recommendations for the ePMP 3000 line? I was hoping to find something from KPP or RFE but when compared to the Cambium flavor, RFE’s dual horns have shorter range and the KPP 5SX4-90 appears to require an N to SMA adapter and may have slightly worse MIMO performance. More info here.

What have you guys been using?

3000L we’ve been using the Ubiquiti 60 degree sectors (5AC-21). Their 45 and 60 degree sectors are a big step up from their older designs. We’ve got some 60 degree async horns too but despite published figures, they just don’t give the same gain. They do decrease noise floor though which is useful for upload.

3000 we’re not getting the distance/performance from the Cambium 4x4 sector. We’re going to try 2 x UBNT 60 sectors with same AZ/EL and see if MU-MIMO works. I believe some other WISPS are using RF elements asynchronous connectorised horns but we are unable to obtain them.

I really wish Cambium made a high gain 4x4 45 or 60 degree sector for the ePMP3000

RF Elements makes a dual horn ? And it has less gain than the Cambium dual horn ? Are you talking about putting RF Elements horns on the Dual Horn mount thing ?

Regarding you “more info”

That was back in 2019, would love to know if @ninedd still has that antenna/3000 running and if he thinks the MU is working as expected.

I wish there were more options for 3000. We have been using these with no complaints about the performance. MU seems to work really well. I never got around to trying the BM with them. The physcial sector itself though, whoever designed it must have went to the same school as however design’s cambium’s stuff where it seems the goal is to require as many different tools as possible. Actually the Alfpha is worse in that regard than any antenna I’ve ever worked with.

Alpha Wireless 2x 4x4 60°x120° 3000 sector

Otherwise we use the Cambium 3000 Sector, I just recently deployed a 3000 with the KPP Omni made for 3000 and I have one of the Cambium 3000 dual horns.

Low gain? The Cambium 3k sectors show 17db gain with 30db f/b. The KPP is similar but with better f/b. Am I understanding you correctly? After reading your statement I’m concerned we’ll see a drop in rssi for our subscribers when we migrate our ~80 sub site from ePMP 2k to 3k

You’re probably thinking correctly - this with compatible horns like the hg3. From what I’ve heard from the engineers and gathered from the data sheets, the reach of these RFEs would be more shallow but more dense than a comparable sector antenna.

Sorry, I thought you were comparing the RF Elements dual horn setup to the Cambium 3000 Dual Horn antenna. After re-reading you post I don’t know why I thought that.