V5000 stopped communicating after disabling on-board E2E

Got an interesting one. My V5000 stopped communicating after disabling the onboard E2E. I saw the problem went deeper after following the recovery procedure.

I was able to get the radio into recovery mode successfully but almost all network traffic ceased after booting into either Safe Mode or Regular mode. There were still SSDP broadcasts coming from the unit, but it wouldn’t respond to any ARP requests and even when I manually mapped the configured IP to the units MAC in my ARP table I wasn’t getting any traffic back.
I ended up reverting the the software to v.1 and I was able to access the radio normally again.

Would you mind capturing Field Diagnostics from that unit? The procedure is here:

Please forward them to me at bacuffe1(at)cambiumnetworks.com

It sounds like your issue is fixed but we might be able to learn how it got to that :slight_smile:
Many Thanks