Vlan config template

We are rehoming a tower to a network that uses management & data Vlans. I need help on setting up a template with the Vlan configuration that I can push to all the customers on this tower when we do the cutover to the new network.

A good method for creating new templates like this is to make the desired configuration change directly on a test device's web GUI and then export the configuration to use as a baseline. 

If the test device is managed  cnMaestro you can go to Configure -> Devices, find that device and click the page icon under the View column.  This will display the device's confguraiton as a template which you can save from that view.

If the test device is not managed by cnMaestro, on the device web UI navigate to Configuration -> Unit Settings -> Download Configuration File and click the link with the format <MAC address>.cfg.  The downloaded file can be used to create a template.

I sometimes use a text editor for this part.  Search the text of the template for the VLAN entries you are interested in and remove everything else.  Most of the parameters should have 1-to-1 matching with what you set in the web GUI. When you are done editing, validate the template using something like http://jsonlint.com/ to ensure the format is still correct.

I could get it to work on my test radio at the office, but it would not work on my subscribers out in the field. I have to manually log in to each radio to program the Vlan info then save it for it to transfer to the new network.

Does the configuration push fail for the device?  Is there an error message in the Configuration Jobs page or in the Events or Alarms tables?

Device timed out while waiting for update is the error message

This occurs if the device does not report back a Success or Failure message to cnMaestro after pushing the configuration file to it.  This could be due to the device being unable to connect back to cnMaestro or possibly a bug.

Do the devices connect back?  Is the configuratoin applied after rebooting the device without manually updating the GUI?  What device version(s) is this occuring with?

Yes, the devices connected back without changed configuration.

No, the configuration never showed up on the device, so rebooting the device would not have helped. (I did try it though)

The devices were Force 180 & Force 200 with Firmware 3.0 and 3.01

Once you manually configure the devices for VLAN do they reconnect to cnMaestro?  If a device cannot reconnect to cnMaestro after a configuration update it may roll back the configuration to prevent device isolation.  This could cause a configuration timeout.

Yes, once I manually configured the device, it connected to cnMaestro.

I've contacted some of our developers about this.  Can you provide syslog output from the device when the configuration is pushed from cnMaestro?  It is located in the device GUI under Monitor -> System Log.

Also, please send the configuration template that failed with any sensitive information stripped out to jordan.stipati [.at.] cambiumnetworks.com.  If you used replacement variables please let us know the values that were used.

Can smeone please paste a template to simply disable DATA VLAN and enabe DATA VLAN that we can apply to ePMP devices from cnMaestro portal?? I have tried this but seems has errors.. Please help...

"device_props": {
"dataVLANEnable": "1",

It looks good to me other than the comma after the single line of code. Try deleting it and give it another go. 

You can also use this website to double check your syntax: https://jsoneditoronline.org/

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thanks a billion @ Cambium_Brian . This worked.