What is Xircon and how do I use it?

Summary: This article describes the Xircon tool and how to use it.

Xircon is a software-based console tool, originally designed to provide console access via layer 2 for Xirrus APs and now (as of writing) has limited functionality for the X series Cambium AP’s.

Where can I find the Xircon tool?

Xircon can be downloaded via the link below. Note, you will need to create an account on support.cambiumnetworks.com to download it.

Xircon Download

How do I use the Xircon tool?

As Xircon is designed to work over layer 2, the machine you have it installed on, must be on the same layer 2 subnet as the devices you are trying to access. If it is not, you will not see any of your devices.

  1. Once installed, you will be presented with the below screen. I have highlighted the Network Adapters, ensure you have the correct one ticked and the Array list. The Array list will show you important information such as the IP address of the APs.

  1. To console in to a device, click the tick box next to it and it will bring up console access

  1. Login with the Username and Password you would normally use for the Web GUI or SSH access and from here, you can use the normal CLI commands you would use when using an SSH session.