WISPAmerica 2021 Animal Farm Presentation Slides

Below are the presentation slides from the Animal Farm session at this year’s WISPAmerica event:

View the presentation slides here.


Thanks to those that were able to join us for the live stream during the show… if you were not able, please have a look at the slides. There is a ton of great information in here. If there are any questions, please feel free to post here, and we’ll get the answers for you!


Hi. I am eager to see the 4000’s and 425L and whatnot. That looks very good for our LOS dense deployments.

And big question for us in the northern bushlands, there is no 2.4Ghz version happening at all then, right? For 2.4Ghz, we’ll just have to move on with some other brand? Since 802.11ax supports 2.4Ghz (unlike AC chipsets) I had hopes for new generation of 2.4Ghz ePMP gear… and even dreamed of a single 4000 AP with a dual-frequency chipset. But this is officially dead dead then?

@CambiumMatt There were two great slides showing the expected path forward for ePMP. For example:

However, there wasn’t such a similar slide for PMP450. As a result, it looks at a quick glance like ePMP is going to surpass 450 in capabilities (Although I don’t expect that to be the case). Do you have more information you could share about the PMP450 path forward?

  • When will PMP450 5 GHz get 1024QAM?
  • When will PMP450 5 GHz have a mini Medusa (i.e., 4x4 or 8.8)?
  • The plan of intent doesn’t mention 5G NR; is there a timeline and is there hardware that we expect will and won’t be able to handle it?
  • What is the use case for rapid re-ranging when there aren’t currently mobile SMs?
  • Are we expecting to see OFDMA in PMP450?

I have more questions, but I think this would help show the path forward of the PMP450 line in a nice way.

Thank you, Chris

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Has cambium chimed in on any of these?

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@CSup, not really. I did start two other threads that received some responses:

Regarding 5G NR, it seems this is just a future idea they are targeting, but it isn’t even on the few year map yet. Also, it may not actually be fully standards compliant and may lack mobility:

Regarding Re-ranging, it is not intended for mobility as much as movement:

I am still very interested in answers to the other questions, but I’m not sure when we’ll see such answers. I might start other new threads asking about the other line-items unless this thread gains some traction.