Using antenna (.ant) files in LINKPlanner (or 3rd Party Antenna)


If the antenna manufacturer provides or has available their antenna files (.ant files) for download, is it possible to use their antenna files in LINKPlanner?   Can we import or use 3rd Party antennas in planning.  I'm mainly interested in using it in the ePMP product portfolio.  But I guess knowing if it is possible to use these files in LINKPlanner would be great.

If the above is possible, how do you go about using it in LINKPlanner?



If you are after a custom antenna for a PTP link or an SM then you can add it in LINKPlanner (see Custom AP antennas are not supported and although we would like to support them, this isn't something that we are working on at the moment. 

In order to provide accurate results we need accurate 3D antenna patterns. See

If we are able to obtain accurate measured data (preferably in a spreadsheet or CSV file) then we may be able to include the antenna in a future release.



Hi Andy;

Thanks very much.  I was hopefully optimistic that LINKPlanner would support .ant files.