450i 900 MHz NLOS (YOUR) Results


Before I crack open my piggy bank I would like to hear from people that are doing NLOS with 450i 900MHz.

What success are you having?

Distance, antenna height, obstructions, noise level?

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Do a little searching through the forums... you'll find a number of success stories.

Did but did not find much.

If you point me to the posts I would appreciate it.

Did find this link which contains some good details.


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Here are some links to get you started. All of these were found by searching for '450 900' or '900mhz' and sorting by date and/or kudos.

PMP450i 900Mhz - Impressed

PMP450i 900MHz Beta Case Study - Aristotle.net

PMP450i 900mhz Rocking on the Big Island

900 450i Speed and Specs

Success with PMP450i 900MHz in a high noise, urban environment

Rural PMP450i 900MHz on a water tower

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Thanks so much.

Will review the links you supplied.

Have a great weekend.

Other feel free to post your results.

Something like this might make a good sticky.

Done. Its a sticky.

The product is fantastic. It is far more than we expected.

That being said, it is suffering from whatever firmware issues seem to be plaguing the 450/450i series. Throughput is great when all is happy. There are UGPS issues with the 450i units so if you use UGPS only use Cambium, Packetflux or LMG and no old Mini-GPS units by FDDI. We had vanishing AP issues along with issues with spectrum analyzer not showing other 450i radios (only FSK showing up).

I am confidend what hasn't been ironed out will be taken care of. The units perform well in any RF enviornment (that we know of to date) and becasue they use the slant antennas they have great rejection and penetration while keeping MIMO balanced.



Any details about your link and the path that it is taking?

We just received demo gear from Cambium Network.

1 x AP sector 450i 900MHz (Dual slant)

2 x SM units 450i 900MHz (Dual slant)

I ran the Quick Start for the AP and it says broadcasting.

I just can't figure out or understand how to configure the SM so it can talk to the AP.

I'm completely new to Cambium and 900 MHz so I appologize for the possibly silly question.

Any help would be much appreciated for a succesful pilot project.