On-boarding Prerequisites and Procedures (Part 1 of 4)


This article is part 1 of a series of topics about cnMaestro on-boarding and troubleshooting.  Please see Device On-boarding for a listing of all parts in this series.

Device Prerequisites

Follow these instructions to prepare for on-boarding devices in cnMaestro


Power on the device. Configure the IP Address using either the DHCP or Static mode. Follow the instructions of device label to launch the device GUI using default IP address.


Ensure the minimum device Firmware Versions should same or above as shown in below table:

Device Type

Minimum Firmware Version

cnPilot R200/R201


cnPilot E400


ePMP 1000 HotSpot


ePMP 1000 AP/SM



 DNS and Gateway Servers will be automatically configured at the device upon DHCP handshaking. For static mode, configure the DNS and Gateway server addresses.


Check for the Internet connectivity. This is required, as the device needs to communicate with the cnMaestro Server hosted in the AWS (Amazon Web Services).  Refer to https://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t/checking-device-cnmaestro-connectivity-part-3-of-4/44389


Allow the IP Addresses of the devices in the cnMaestro Server in the Firewall Server using an Access Control List. Also, enable the protocols HTTP/HTTPS and SSL.

This is required as the device communicates with the cnMaestro Server using web sockets and for security reasons SSL certificates are exchanged between the device and the cnMaestro Server. The cnMaestro uses s3.amazonaws.com link to download software images for device firmware upgrade


By default, the cnMaestro Server URL will be configured in Cambium devices for communication with cnMaestro. The default URL is


cnMaestro Prerequisites

Follow these instructions to prepare cnMaestro for on-boarding devices


Open a browser session and launch the URL  https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com


Sign in using your Cambium support center account credentials if you already have an Account or click the link "Click Here to Register" for the registration


 After sign in, create a company account


If you have a  single company account, you will be automatically be redirected to that account after log in.


If you has multiple accounts , once signed you will need to select the company account you want to access.




On-boarding Procedure (by Serial Number)

Devices may be on-boarded by entering their serial number in cnMaestro.

Supported Devices:

  • cnPilot R200
  • cnPilot R201
  • cnPilot E400
  • ePMP AP/SM


Click the Onboard Devices widget in home page



Provide the Serial number of the device in the combo box and click "Claim Devices" button.


The Serial Number can be found on the device enclosure and can be seen in the Device GUI Home page after logging into the device.


Claim the single or multiple serial numbers separated by comma or new line.

To claim bulk number of devices, you may connect to bar code machine scanner to laptop where cnMaestro GUI is running and scan the serial numbers of the devices.


Go to "On board" tab after claiming the devices to proceed with the Approval procedure

On-boarding Procedure (by Cambium ID)

Devices may also be claimed using your Cambium ID - this type of on-boarding is conducted via the device web management interface or by command line interface (not from cnMaestro).

Supported Devices:

  • cnPilot R200
  • cnPilot R201
  • cnPilot E400
  • ePMP 1000 AP/SM/Hotspot 


Login to the Device GUI and navigate to the cnMaestro Remote Management Settings page

·         ePMP 1000 AP/SM : Configuration >System page

·         ePMP 1000 Hotspot and cnPilot E400 : Configure >System page

·         cnPilot R200/R201 : Administration > cnMaestro page


 Enter the Cambium ID and On Boarding key and click Save.

Reboot of the device is required in case of cnPilot R200/R201 devices and for other device types reboot is not required.


The Cambium ID and On Boarding key details are given during company account creation in the cnMaestro Server. These details can also be found at the

Home Page > On Board Devices > Claim From Device page in cnMaestro server.


Go to the Home Page->On Board Devices-> Onboard page in cnMaestro server to proceed with the Device Approval process.


PMP Devices : Configuration-> cnMaestro page

  1. Navigate to Configuration > cnMaestro page in the device GUI
  2. Under configuration section, enter Cloud (Cloud.cambiumnetworks.com) or on premises static URL in the cnMaestro URL field
  3. Provide the cambium id and on boarding key that was given while creating the cnMaestro account in cloud server.
  4. Device will come to the on boarding queue in the cnMaestro Home->On board Devices->On board page and the user can approve the device


Basic Configuration

You may now update name and comments for a device. If you do not enter the device name, it will be read from the device after On Boarding. The device basic details can be configured later from the Configure >Devices page.


Device Location

The Location configuration page allows you to configure device location in google map. The device location can be configured as follows:

  1. Select the Network and Tower under which the device will be placed
  2. Set Latitude and Longitude coordinates to populate device location

In case the device location is not set, it will be placed under default cnMaestro network. You can set device location after on boarding of device from Configure > Device page. Navigate to the Mange > Organize menu for creating new Network and Tower.

Firmware Update

The Firmware Update page allows you to upgrade the software to the latest available image before the device is on boarded to cnMaestro. It also shows the current version if the device is claimed via Cambium ID. You may upgrade later through Operate > Software Update page.


Configure Devices

The Configure Devices page allows you to select a pre-configured template file in order to push the configuration to the device before On Boarding. You may push the device template configuration later from Configure > Devices page. The Configuration Templates can be created from Configure > Templates page.



The approval procedure for On Boarded devices:


The device goes through the following states based on the device trying to connect to the CnMaestro Server :


Approval state


Waiting for Device

Before approval

Device is not communicating to cnMaestro server

Waiting for Approval Before approval Device is communicating with cnMaestro server
Queued After approval

Device is not communicating with cnMaestro server

Other devices are being updated first


After approval

Current devices is being updated with configuration and software images

On Boarded After approval Device is successfully on-boarded


Once the device is in the on boarding queue you can delete the device before approving it.


The "Approve All" option can be used if there are bulk number of devices. Configure the Basic and other settings later from the Configure->Devices page or Bulk Upgrade of the devices from the Operate->Software Update page.


You may monitor on boarded devices from Home > Monitor the device page or by selecting the options from the Monitor menu.


The device summary hyperlink in the configuration column of On Board page provides summary of device configuration. It also provides hyperlinks to configure and upgrade the device later.


1 If you want to delete the devices from your account, go to the Operate >On Board Devices> Unclaim page and click the Delete icon (X).


Statistics collected from on-boarding to deletion are not automatically deleted from the server (data is preserved if device is on-boarded again).


Uncalming will also help in transferring the device to the other cnMaestro Account. It is highly recommended that you unclaim the device from your account before transferring to another account.